Update from Brookdale President Dr David Stout.

Dr. David Stout, President Brookdale Community College

Students and employees,

Our student who believed that he was exposed to COVID-19 while on a family trip has tested negative for the virus. We are all so relieved by this news, especially for the health and well-being of this student and his family. Thank you so much for your patience through this stressful time.

While we have no cases of COVID-19 on any of our locations, we will still be following the principles of social distancing as recommended by the CDC, the NJ Department of Health (DOH), the Monmouth County DOH, and the Monmouth County Freeholders. Earlier this afternoon, the Freeholders released a statement that all public access buildings in Monmouth County will be closed from tomorrow through March 22. With this in mind, we will continue to restrict access to all of our buildings next week and we will provide services remotely through technology. Updates will continue regularly.

Please enjoy a healthy and happy spring break!

David Stout, Ph.D.
Brookdale Community College