‘Air’ is a True Story About Blowing Up

Joe McNally

Ben Affleck is back as a director for the fifth time and this one comes with the film, “Air.” Affleck adapted the screenplay from Alex Convery and created a very fun movie to watch when you have nothing else to do but reminisce about the 1980s.

“Air,” is set in 1984 and “based on a true story,” about Sonny Vaccaro from Nike signing the iconic basketball player, Michael Jordan.

Matt Damon plays Vaccaro, a middle-aged and slightly overweight man who works in the basketball shoe department at Nike. His job is to find players from the NBA draft and get them to sign with Nike, to wear their shoes during the games.

There is plenty of comedy throughout the movie. Chris Messina, who played Jordan’s agent, David Falk is hilarious in this film.  He steals the show during some sequences throughout “Air.” His line delivery in certain scenes had people laughing for a while in the movie theater.

Damon is sharp as usual with the acting. It feels like he actually knows basketball and what he is talking about in this role.  Damon is a real basketball fan so it was probably very easy for him to get into that role.

Affleck isn’t just the director, he also plays the CEO of Nike in this film, Phil Knight. His character is very arrogant and full of himself, but it is presented in a funny way.

The cinematographers and production designers do a fantastic job at making this feel like you’re in the 1980s.  Everything just feels nostalgic, even if you weren’t around during that time.

The opening sequence shows a lot of great things happening in 1984 and there are a lot of pop culture references. It just makes the audience want to build a DeLorean time machine and go back and experience the 80s in all its glory.

This film is overall a very good spring flick, for when there is absolutely nothing else in theaters. It’s probably a film you would want to watch with your friends. It is an R-rated film, so it’s not something that should be watched by small children.

“Air,” will most likely be streaming on Amazon Prime Video in mid-May.