College to Careers: Advocating The Biggest Mistakes:


Photo by Sydney Kutzin

One of the biggest struggles of a college student how they are going to break into their career after college and that’s where someone like. Lindsey Pollak, a 44-year- old author and career associate from New York City, can help.

On Mar. 12th, Pollak came to talk Brookdale to talk about not only her new book, “Getting from College to Career” that just got relaunch put out in 2012, but she also gave a bunch of helpful tips of how to get there.

“One of the biggest pieces of advice that I could give to anyone is to be proactive and deliberate on where you’re trying to go and the field that you’re trying to get into.” Pollack said. “Also, to take action as soon as and as quickly as you can.”

During the event, Pollak gave advice about what are some steps you could take before even applying, like creating a LinkedIn account about what kind of job you are looking for, what skills you have, and what your background and work experiences are, etc.

“Having something like a LinkedIn account is great to showcase everything that that you’re great at and to show employers how qualified and why you are qualified out of hundreds of other applicants and what makes you stand out from everyone.” Pollak said. “Also, LinkedIn can also hold your current resume or help you make one if you don’t already have one. “

She also said that when it comes to the actual interviews, applicants should keep in mind that things like how you look, your listening skills, and knowing what is on your LinkedIn account. and your resume is good.

“If it is more of a difficult career path to get. Into, then he best thing to do is to pick the aspects of our desired job that you like the most and try to find a career that has those same aspects and try to find a career path that might be easier to find work in, but still has those same details as your original career.” Pollak said.

Before the event was over, Alyssa Fumento, a 19-year-old business administration student from Middletown said that there was so much that she never knew that should be done to stand out even more to employers.

“I never knew that you were supposed to do research about the companies before interviews.” said. “Even though I only know that I want to do something in the medical field, I still found this talk to be very interesting and helpful.”

“I will definitely be reading her book and taking her advice when the time comes.” Fumento said.

Before ending, Pollak got to reveal the biggest mistakes of about 99% of applicants whom are applying for jobs.

“The biggest mistake that people do is not researching the company before going to an interview.” Pollak said. “It is always good to know at least a little bit about the company. You are trying to work for before you go to an interview. Not many people know to do that, and it will really give you an advantage when you go to an interview.”

All this so much more helpful information could be found in her book, “Getting from College to Career” that was given out at the beginning of her event.

Overall the audience seemed like they left feeling educated and like they learned something that they didn’t know before.

Once finished, Pollak styed back to answer some questions and to sign her book while promoting her other novels.

If interested, Pollak also has two other books that she has written. One is basically about how to advance in. your job called “Becoming The Boss’ that came out 2014, and another one that is going to be coming out about how to be the best at your job and how to succeed in your workplace called “The Remix: How to Learn and Succeed in the Workplace” that is coming out May 7th.  

Pollak is always willing to help students and is even will to do things like help read over resumes or answer and personal questions through e-mail. To see how to contact her, more information about her, or even more information about she other novels, just check out her website,