Students Needed To Plan Friendsgiving, Other Events

Isabel Shaw, Staff Writer

The Innovation Network (TIN), together with The International Student Association (ISA) and Women in Learning and Leadership (WILL) will host a Friendsgiving event on Nov. 17. The event is free and open to all Brookdale students.

TIN’s theme for the Fall semester is “Better Together,” and this event will be both a welcoming event for new students and a celebration of the diversity of the Brookdale community. Last year’s Friendsgiving event, sponsored by TIN, was very successful and featured an array of purchased and home-made food, beverages and desserts.

This year’s event, sponsored by TIN, ISA and WILL, will feature free food and beverages, games, prizes, activities, and guest speakers with a focus on having fun while meeting new friends in a relaxed, safe environment. Festivities will be on the upper level of the Student Life Center.

“The ‘Better Together’ theme is aligned with the Global Citizenship Project’s focus on ‘Transcending Divisions’ as students discover – through shared activities like Friendsgiving – that we are more alike than we are different,” said Jeanette Falotico, TIN’s President.

TIN hopes to include other clubs that may be interested in being part of this project. Professors are encouraged to include credit for students who assist in the planning and running this event, thus helping new students navigate the challenging nature of becoming more involved in the Brookdale community.

For more information on the Friendsgiving event contact TIN:

Professor Debbie Mura 732-224-2781, [email protected]

Professor Elana Maloney 732-224-2735, [email protected]

Student Life & Activities, 732-224-2788

TIN Club meetings are hosted via Zoom every Tuesday during college hour. All are welcome. [email protected]