Strike a Balance this Valentine’s Day for College Success

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Khristian Guidi consistently involves himself in leadership roles at Brookdale. Guidi is a “Career Peer” in a pilot program where he helps guide and mentor incoming first year students. He is further training to help students with career related activities, including resume writing and career research.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, relationships and the longing for companionship become prevalent within individuals’ lives. As if being/looking to be in an intimate relationship wasn’t the only thing that occupies everyday young adults’ minds, the continuous stress that being a college student may bring stays on the forefront of everyday living.

While the maintenance of becoming and remaining successful within college are what drive an individual to stick to their degree pursuit, does that mean everyday life gets put on hold? Is there even a way to prevent everyday life from occurring? On one hand, college opens new doors of networking, socializing and communication. Mixing amongst people who bring a new sense of comfortability by befriending other fellow students seems inevitable.

On the other hand, college may become and remain a business transaction of possibilities within the working world and only that.

Either way, college relationships are unavoidably predominant within today’s societal norm. Is it naïve to think that a college relationship wouldn’t occur? Think about it – new faces, different social networks, new friendships – all brand-new associations that can turn out to become more than just a platonic relationship.

College students have all different social experiences but have experiences nonetheless. However, the question is this: Can we add a romantic relationship to an already filled course load? If so, what is it like to be in a relationship and focusing on academics at the same time?

The art of juggling a full course load and diligently remaining present in a healthy, committed relationship is a lot easier than it may sound. A few tricks of the trade keep the two important matters within the college years separate yet complimentary of each other while working toward a degree.

Between time-management from assignment due dates and anniversary night outs, organization is a key component to have an effective day-by-day schedule without missing out on course due dates and enjoying your significant other’s time.

Always remember to remain focused on goals from within the educational perspective that was the initial focus from the start. While staying focused, don’t be afraid to admit the amount of support and motivation that being in a relationship provides. Having a companion can inspire a new idea to bring to a discussion post within an online class. Assistance with studying can make the difference between an A+ and B-  on an exam.

These few examples can show that being distracted during the college years can be conquered with a meticulous and determined mindset.  With this simple attitude, college remains a wonderful journey educationally and the quest to finding love can become a part of the social structure in between classes.