Celebrating the End of the Semester Without Letting Alcohol Derail Your Goals

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With spring break behind us and the summer that much closer to us, the sense of relaxation and freedom from our studies is just weeks away. With the rigorous note taking, study sessions with new classmates and lectures it’s no wonder that the summer planning for fun and festivities is on the centerfold of most college students’ minds. Granted, all of us students are entitled to having a break from the expectations that we psychologically put on ourselves throughout the semester, but I come to wonder – is there a limit?  While personally preparing for this summer’s vacation, the thought of what another fellow Brookdale peers’ summer would be like comes to mind. It seems to be unavoidable; where there is college, there becomes room for experimenting with everything that doesn’t have anything to do with opening a textbook. College, whether we are ready to admit it or not, becomes the gateway for rebelling against social norms and develops into being the most popular time to experiment. Let’s just say it – alcohol. Underage drinking, binge drinking, social drinking, or drinking alcohol for the first time becomes predominantly potent within college students’ lives. With finding our new-found freedom and independence from leaving high school to entering a world that is brand new, drinking alcohol becomes a way of relieving stress from the studies and a way to let go of the new-found adulthood that college presents. However, the risks that we take without even thinking twice about them, with drinking being the forefront, it [alcohol] can become the major factor in a spiral effect that inevitably changes the whole meaning and purpose of college. Alcohol abuse and the party scene is the reality within the college social culture life. The risk and consequences from the use of alcohol amongst college students can radically affect a student’s performance. Even though the summer gives us a couple months off from school, and it seems that there is enough time to ‘sober up’ before classes are back in session for the Fall Term, is it really that easy? What if that one “Thirsty Thursday” night becomes immeasurable and turns out to be next week’s never ending celebration. Is that even possible? Unfortunately, with the summer session just around the corner, with the never-ending fantasies on what can transpire during those hot glorious beach stay-cations, anything is possible. The break done is this: stay safe this summer. If you plan on drinking always know your limit. Don’t always go into the party assuming the best kind of situation because before you know it, you put your drink down for one second, pick it back up, and not know if its just your alcoholic beverage that you just put down seconds ago. Going to a party? Go in a group, why not have friends there with you for a ‘good time’ while staying safe in a group setting. And of course, remember this: peer pressure still does exist. Whether you are coming straight out of high school or in your late twenties doing your first semester at Brookdale – there are people out there that will just take it to far and ask to often if you would like to have a drink of liquor. Its okay to deny it ever time. What’s most important is that you remember your goals and the true reasons why you have come to college. Make your college years count, and don’t let that one night of parting dictate the rest of your college career.