College Advice Column

Dealing with Anxiety as a College Student

Khristian Guidi, Staff Writer

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It happens: You registered for a full course load. You’ve been working a full-time job. You come to learn the hard way that time management and prioritizing doesn’t always meet the 11:59 p.m. deadline. On top of that, many of us at Brookdale are experiencing college for the first time. We are learning the ins and outs of the college life routines. 

Is your head spinning yet? When I first started college, I couldn’t seem to grasp the concept of multitasking, overachieving and remaining mentally healthy all in the same sentence. 

Even today, I catch myself allowing the pressure of procrastinating to get to me in order to keep my everyday life as well organized as I can handle it. Procrastinating, unfortunately, is a big cause of day-to- day anxiety. 

While I am at work, I catch myself reciting my study notes, wondering when I can fit doing homework during my lunch break, calculating how long it will take me to get home, settle in, and then vigorously take notes from a PowerPoint I should have watched six day ago. At the end of the day, having anxiety becomes a very predictable emotion within such a high-anxiety-driven part of our lives. 

So how do we deal with it? Is there even a light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to thinking about when these next 15 weeks come to an end? I am here to tell you that the anxiety you feel is happening to the all of us in one way or another. And each and every one of us has our own way of dealing with it. 

For myself, remaining motivated and seeking out guidance throughout the semester has assisted me thus far in remaining successful and determined to finish each semester. Does that work for everyone? What if this is the first time you are experiencing such an elevated emotion and you don’t know where it’s coming from, nor know how to stop it?

First, if you find that I have defined you – take a step back and breathe. College, in all fairness, is very hard. Remaining diligent and proactive in keeping your grades up takes a lot out of you, especially if you have some form of a life outside of your classes. The stress and pressure you put on yourself to be the best you can be throughout your entire day ends up catching up to you. Realize that these new or recurring stressors can be the reason for that uncomfortable feeling within your body known as anxiety. 

So how do you end up cooping with anxiety? 

Recognizing it and talking about it is the first step. Reaching out to those who can help you, such as counselors is always a plus. Tell yourself every day that you are doing the best you can do, and you are doing one heck of a job at it! Realize that it is OK to step away from your school work, even if it is to go check out that school club that you heard about. Most of all, know that you are not alone.