Becky’s Bites: Duck Donuts Is a Must-Try Dessert Delight

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Becky’s Bites: Duck Donuts Is a Must-Try Dessert Delight

Becky Nasto, Staff Writer

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Who here has a sweet tooth? I’m guilty of having one! Anyone else with me? 

When it comes to desserts, we think of cookies, cupcakes, pies, etc. For me, I think of donuts. Just picture the  fried dough rings with filling and toppings. 

I was on a mission to find a good donut place. Duck Donut gave me that answer. 

Located at 1275 Route 35 in Middletown, Duck Donuts’ offerings are not you average Dunkin’ donuts. Let’s put Duck Donuts through my test.  

By now you all know I rate my food adventures with five criteria: service, options, price, portions and taste.

First, let’s start with service.  This is an order and sit down place or take it to go. So our cashier was very friendly. He started with some donut puns. For example “Are you sure you donut want a coffee.” He was overall a bubbly and spirited person.

 Now that we know the service is good, let’s talk about the food options. These donuts range from sweet to fruity delights. They have Vanilla Icing with Apple Streusel and Cinnamon Sugar. It is a pie-inspired combination that includes vanilla icing topped with chopped apple, streusel and cinnamon sugar. Then, there’s Maple Icing with Chopped Bacon.

Our last donut will  have you falling into fall with Pumpkin Roll and Pumpkin Icing with Vanilla Drizzle. Other pumpkin donuts include Pumpkin Streusel and Pumpkin Icing with Streusel. 

And now for the moment of truth: How much was it?  Since it is the spooky season, Duck Donuts is in the holiday mood and offers a $16.25 seasonal Halloween Donut Box. It consists of 

  1. Ants Marching: glazed with chocolate sprinkles
  2. Halloween Ghost: vanilla Icing with Halloween sprinkles
  3. So Mummy: vanilla icing with shredded coconut and hot fudge drizzle
  4. Boo-berry: Blueberry icing with powdered sugar
  5. Brain Bits: vanilla icing with apple streusel, and cinnamon sugar
  6. Dirt ‘N Worms: chocolate icing with Oreo crumbles and gummy worms
  7. Halloween Pumpkin: pumpkin icing with Halloween sprinkles
  8. Full Moon: powdered sugar
  9. Halloween Bat: chocolate icing with Halloween sprinkles
  10. Werewolf: maple icing with chopped bacon and raspberry drizzle
  11. Spider Web: cinnamon sugar with vanilla drizzle
  12. Halloween Mist: glazed with Halloween sprinkles


That is 12 delish donuts for only $16.25. You wanna get in the spooky season this box is for you. 

Now how much does one individual donut cost? One is drumroll please…….. $1.70. Also, a half dozen is $9. That is so cheap you donut know what to do. See what i did there. 

Finally there is the taste and flavor. My favorite donut is the Bacon Maple. The maple icing is so sweet and remind you of maple syrup. I’m not talking Mrs Butters Worth. It is more like crossing the border to Canada and getting authentic syrup. The bacon is so crispy and not too salty. It is the perfect savory and sweet combination. 

Now before I wrap up this review, I have to tell you the best thing. They have a donut sundae. You pick the ice cream and the donut all for $6.45. This is by far the best invention. You need to get one. 

I rated Duck Donuts, on a scale 1-10 ducks, 0 ducks  That’s right Duck Donuts has wowed me and my taste buds. It is so great that  I can’t rate it because it is that amazing.