Presented jointly by the Brookdale Environmental Club and the Sierra Club Shore Group, Science Mondays feature special guest speakers throughout the semester who discuss issues in science.

At the Jan. 27 Science Monday event, guest speaker Dr. Catherine Duckett, Associate Dean of the School of Science at Monmouth University discussed climate change. Dr. Duckett talked about effects climate change is having on living things, the ocean, the fires in Australia, and what it means for the future.

Duckett included a discussion on the correlation between rapid climate change and change in the economy.

Dennis Anderson, President of the Sierra Club Shore Group, spoke on the partnership between the two clubs and how it came to be. “What had happened was Sierra Club Shore Group has been doing presentations, but needed a better venue, so George Moffatt, our program director, got in contact with a Brookdale science professor and set this up between the clubs.”

“There are all kinds of talks that take place. The purpose is to create awareness because something young people have to understand is that these are their problems.  My generation will be gone before these problems can be fixed, that’s why it’s up to the younger generation to take action,” said Anderson in regard to the importance of Science Mondays.

“ It helps spread awareness and education to people,” 22-year-old Environmental Club member Seeby Freeman said when talking about the event’s importance, “so that way they will want to do something and really care. It also encourages people to join the club for volunteer work like the clean ups.”


Science Monday’s are an interesting and fun way to listen and talk about and spread awareness on topics related to the environment. The next scheduled Science Monday is at 6:30 p.m. Monday Feb. 24. The scheduled speaker is Guy Downers, a consultant to Sea Bright Solar, and he will be discussing solar power. Light refreshments will be provided.