Streaming on the Go

Streaming on the Go

Kathleen Hyer, Staff Writer

It’s no doubt that streaming apps have taken over the television industry. Brookdale students were asked to pick between Netflix, Disney+ and Hulu for their favorite television streaming app.

“I only use Netflix,” said Jenna Giuliano, a 20-year-old humanities major from Howell. “My favorite thing to watch is The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.”

“I love watching documentaries on Netflix. My favorite is Food Inc.,” said Vinny Nigro a 19-year-old music technology major from Middletown.

I prefer Netflix over anything else. It’s the best TV streaming app right now. Hands down,” said Jesse Bridges, a 19-year-old psychology major from Eatontown. “I love watching Sex Education.”

“I definitely prefer Netflix over another app. It’s fast and an easy way to stream your favorite shows.” said Faith Pernell-Seguel, a 19-year-old psychology major from Ocean Township.

As Netflix seems to be a favorite, other students rely on other streaming apps.

“I like Netflix for movies and Hulu for television shows. One Tree Hill and Rick and Morty are my absolute favorites,” said Amanda Payne, a 19-year-old creative writing major from Millstone.

‘I recommend Disney+ more for people my age,” said Tiffany Cospito, a 20-year-old business major from Matawan. “I love to watch older movies I used to watch as a kid. Before Disney+ came out, I missed them.”

Some students stopped using cable all together and think that streaming apps are more worth their money.

“I don’t watch regular tv anymore because most of the shows I used to watch are on Netflix now. Plus, there isn’t any advertisements,” said Giuliano. “I think cable is too expensive especially when there are cheaper alternatives.”