Student Club Launches Environmental Blog


Briana Balsamo, Staff Writer

By Briana Balsamo

The Innovation Network, TIN, has created an entirely student-run environmentally focused blog and is seeking photographers, graphic designers, writers, and other contributors. Creators currently include, but are not limited to, TIN members.

Anyone can submit articles, photos or ideas about environmental concerns both locally and globally.
TIN meets via Zoom every Tuesday at noon.

“Environmentality” focuses on local issues, events, and initiatives while keeping a global perspective and can be visited at

“We are especially looking for contributors who are active in and passionate about environmental issues,” said TIN President Maeve Maguire.

Anyone interested in writing can submit stories about small-scale issues or larger-scale issues about occurrences in Monmouth County, New Jersey, or even a progressive act in another country on another continent. There are no limits, so long as the post contributes to greater environmental awareness.

Contact Maeve Maguire at [email protected] for more information on how to get involved and for any questions relating to this process, or reach out to [email protected] for an invite to a TIN meeting.