Closed Until Further Notice

Kathleen Hyer, Staff Writer

Due to COVID-19, all face-to-face clubs and activities were either canceled or moved online until further notice at Brookdale. Starting the week of March 23, all classes and many student services are being conducted online.

Students who are planning on staying for the next semesters must pick classes soon. This will be done online as well. Some students aren’t worried about having to pick their classes online instead of in person.

“I’m not really worried about picking classes online. I’m hoping this won’t last until next semester. If it does, I’m not really worried just because we’re all getting experiences with online classes,” said Caitlin Behan, a 19-year-old creative writing major from Middletown.

“I’m not worried. I’ve always picked my classes online by myself,” said Tiffany Cospito, an 18-year-old business major from Matawan. “I hope that the next fall semester will not be conducted online, although summer classes might be.

Other students try to stay positive but are still worried about the future and what it will mean when picking classes.

Amanda Payne, a 19-year-old creative writing major from Millstone, said, “I am especially worried since I’m planning on taking summer courses. I know I will be able to pick my own courses online without help, but it’s going to be more of a hassle. I will have to figure out it for myself rather than get a layout of what I should and shouldn’t take.”

Even though in-person advising appointments are not available, students like Payne do not have to worry about navigating scheduling on their own. They can go to or call 732.224.2555. There they connect with a Student Success Coach/Academic Advisor regarding classes, planning, and other academic advising needs.

Students are also questioning whether summer classes will be held online and are hoping face-to-face classes will resume.

“Since everyone is inside and not that many people are out and considering social distancing was extended another month, I feel that this should be over sooner rather than later,” Payne said, optimistically.

Brookdale is offering a wide variety of resources to navigate these unusual times. Everyone is in this together, remember to wash your hands, avoid touching your face, and practice social distancing.