First PTK Online Meeting

Cecilia Alcantar, Staff Writer

“Fellowship is one of Phi Theta Kappa’s four hallmarks, and it is exactly what we are doing right now,” said Angela Saragusa, Alpha Pi Theta chapter adviser. She also said that it is important to keep chapter members engaged despite not being able to meet in person.

Even though all activities at Brookdale have been canceled or moved online due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, PTK is still holding meetings during this hard time to keep their members active, engaged, and informed. The meeting took place last Tuesday during college hour. They have made the decision to hold the meeting this time because even though everyone is at their homes, some classes are live during their regular time, and this way it does not interfere with class time.

“This is the perfect time to work on your enhanced membership and edge programs,” Saragusa said. “Our Enhanced Membership Program is an individual recognition program for completing a combination of service activities and “PTK Edge,”

Through their website, Phi Theta Kappa offers four different self-paced online courses to prepare members for their life during, and once they graduate from college.

Saragusa said, “competitive edge is all about professional development, transfer edge will prepare you to successfully transfer to a four-year college, research edge teaches the principles of conducting scholarly research and employment edge is designed to help you successfully enter the workforce.”

Service is another PTK hallmark, and even though members cannot go out to service events, they can still serve their community in their own way. “You can help buy groceries for your neighbors, help the elderly, anything to help someone will count,” Angela said.

As the school year is coming to an end, board positions will open due to most of the current board members graduating or transferring. “Chapter Leadership is an excellent way to build leadership skills, be recognized on campus and network with campus, community, and PTK administration,” Saragusa said.

“Each one of us officers will be hosting a meeting to talk about what a\our position is about and answer any of your questions,” said Grace Maniace, current vice president of communications, fellowship, and membership. PTK will soon announce when members interested in being part of the board can apply since the application is currently being updated to reflect a virtual process.

Scholarships were also mentioned during this meeting, “I will be hosting a separate meeting as well to answer any question about scholarships,” said Victoria Santos, vice president of scholarships and service. However, if any member has questions, they can always email her to get a sooner response.