A Free Ivy League Education Just a Click Away

Linda Truong, Staff Writer

Every year, millions of people from different backgrounds and demographics consume themselves in
college applications to get into the best colleges.
But what if you could get an education from a prestigious college like Stanford, NYU, or Princeton
for no effort at all and more importantly — for free?
Because of the world’s endless access to the internet, people can now access free lectures from the best colleges in the world! Many of these institutions around the world are filming lectures and uploading them to the to the popular streaming platform, YouTube.
Though lectures from prestigious schools might seem intimidating, these online videos are structured
just like your average college class, easy to keep up with and understand as well. Because they are
filmed during actual classes during the school year, you get the experience as if you were a student in
that classroom! Not to mention, the professors from many of these institutions are very experienced in
their field.
If you are pursuing an education in another college, these free lectures are a great opportunity to
expand your knowledge of your major from another college! There is also a grand variety of
courses if you feel adventurous to be an expert in another topic including criminal justice, law, business
and fashion!
My personal favorite class is a human behavioral course by researcher and professor Robert Sapolsky
from Stanford University. The course covers material on the relationship between the human
mind and body and how they affect human behavior. Though the course is quite statistical and
methodical, Sapolsky’s enthusiasm and storytelling skills mask the tedious work and make the lectures
easy to enjoy.
Having these lectures full of knowledge and bright professor available and free to access at any time is such a privilege and more people should take advantage of it. Remember these are easy to access and completely free; check it out.