Doja Cat Releases Clothing Line


Amy Gleason, Staff Writer

By Amy Gleason

On Tuesday, Nov. 15, the award-winning singer, rapper, and songwriter known as Doja Cat released a collaboration with the popular clothing brand Prettylittlething. The line features 25 items, all of which are modeled by Doja and available on the Prettylittlething website. This collaboration is a very pleasant surprise. The pieces are a bit unexpected. By looking at Doja’s usual over-the-top, provocative, colorful fashion, one would not expect this line to have the high-fashion feel that it does.

A lot of the pieces are leather, which is a big trend in the fashion world. Doja also included several pairs of wide-leg pants, another hot item right now. She nicely combines these trends to create wide-leg leather pants that will likely be the best-sellers from this line. Then there are leather trench coats, which are very high-fashion, versatile, and somewhat elegant. The other leather items featured in the line are small black shorts which create an interesting pairing with the black leather trench coat.

The best piece from the line is the cream-colored pointed hem corset—the first piece featured on the site. The top creates a beautiful silhouette and really brings in the waist. This piece is very much Mugler-inspired. Similar pieces have been popping up all over social media and award show red carpets. This piece leaves the customer wanting more. Doja could have run with this idea to include a few more similar pieces and really elevated the overall fashion of the line.

This collaboration also includes some pieces that are more expected from Doja Cat. They fit more into her usual provocative, colorful, fun style. Of those included are a pink-patterned mesh jumpsuit, an abstract cut-out bodysuit, and a mesh ruched top among several others. These pieces are truer to her style and probably what a customer would expect from her. This is not a negative thing, as she has delivered how her audience would expect. The pieces are incredibly fun, flirty, and can be styled nicely.

The light wash distressed mom jeans are a bit of a miss. They seem very out of place among the other pieces in the line. They are not something that anyone would expect Doja herself to wear or design. The ribbed, one shoulder top is considerably basic but is styled nicely with the split front wide leg leather pants, so it is understandable why it was included.

The entire line is currently on sale on the website and priced rather reasonably. The highlight of the collaboration is the way that the pieces are styled. They are all put together very purposefully and create very trendy, fashionable outfits that are perfectly modeled by Doja. She even took some risks mixing patterns, textures, and unexpected color combinations. However, this all came together to create a fun, high-fashion, affordable clothing line—all while being a positive, intelligent project to add to Doja’s career.