Free Drama Therapy Offers New Ways To Explore Wellness

Free Drama Therapy Offers New Ways To Explore Wellness

Tom Hill, Staff Writer

Brookdale students and community members can participate in a free drama therapy session 11:30 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 1 to explore and pursue their personal wellness.

Drama therapy incorporates aspects of both drama and therapy. People who partake in this style of treatment will often use theatrical methods in an attempt to get through their struggles. Improvisation and role playing are done strategically to alleviate the

Participants are encouraged to use drama therapy to help them convey stories,
express emotions, set goals, solve problems and achieve catharsis. These techniques can be done both individually and collectively.

“Creativity is what will see us through this challenging apex moment and move us to
imagine a sustainable future,” said Angela Kariotis, Brookdale’s director of diversity and inclusion. “Brookdale is a Stigma-Free Zone. Mental health and mental wellness needs to be centered in our focus. Wellness is an area of focus for the Community College Opportunity Grant, the funder for this program. That grant prioritizes student success and future pathways.”

The free drama therapy session will be held 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in the Student Life Center. The event is being capped at 25 participants. The organizers have a giveaway planned where five Brookdale students will be selected to win a $25 gift card. Anyone interested in the event is able to register for their spot on the Brookdale website or by contacting Kariotis.

Kariotis is asking those considering participating be open-minded toward a style of therapy that isn’t very common.

The drama therapy session will be led by Brooke Cambell, a registered drama
therapist and founder and director of Creative Kinections. The organization is a counseling and mental health organization based out of Cranford. Their mission statement details their goal in helping people across the tri-state area who struggle with their mental health. They hope they are able to provide people with a way to unleash their inner hardships in an attempt to better their overall wellbeing.

After registering for this event, participants will be contacted if it’s shifted to a virtual
Zoom meeting due to public health precautions. Participants will receive notice prior to Feb 1. For more information, contact Kariotis via email [email protected]