Review: HBO Max’s ‘Gossip Girl’ Has Made Fans Of The Original Look Forward To Never Seeing It Again

Giulia Campora, Staff Writer

When the news broke that HBO Max had a “Gossip Girl” reboot in the works, fans rejoiced, grabbing the nearest champagne glass, and redoing their wardrobe exactly as Blair Waldorf’s. It has been exactly nine years since the hit CW show came to an end, and fans have been anxious to see their favorite characters again. Then came the disastrous news: The original cast was not going to be part of the reboot!
From 2007 to 2012, CW’s drama was one of the most successful TV shows around the world, and people dreamed of having the detailed, rich lifestyle in the boroughs of Manhattan– just like the top elite. “Gossip Girl” was juicy, classy, and had the right amount of sexy. It was the kind of show that helped build CW’s reputation as the network all teenagers would watch. Other shows such as “Vampire Diaries” tried to hit that mark, but they didn’t quite reach the pinnacle held by “Gossip Girl.’’
Upon hearing about the reboot, fans went to church dressed up as classy as Blair Waldorf after her first one-night stand with the infamous Chuck Bass, praying it wasn’t going to be awful. Were they wrong to be doubtful about it? Not at all. “Gossip Girl” is one of those types of shows that just can’t be replicated successfully.
This reboot is a disaster. Fans are far from delighted that a silly reboot is ruining the atmosphere of their beloved original show and changing it into a sex feast. These fans have seen more nudity in this terrible reboot than they’ve ever seen elsewhere. Likewise, the characters don’t act like teenagers and all have separate stories from one another.
“The plot is futile and not understandable at all. I hated that they completely changed their world and turned into the same as the Netflix show “Elite,” said a Brookdale radiology student and fan of the original show. “The reboot is simply awful and doesn’t deserve the hype it is getting,” said Ambra Valeriano, a Brookdale fashion student. “I believe it is trashy and isn’t as classy as the original was. Also, the blonde girl that people claim to be the next Blair Waldorf is completely wrong.” The blonde girl is the character of Audrey, portrayed by Emily Alyn Lynd. Reboot fans claim her to be the next Blair Waldorf. Fans of the original completely disagree.
The only good things that came out of this reboot is the diversity in characters (which wasn’t seen in the original,) and the portrayal of Thomas Doherty as Max Wolfe (who is seen as the new Chuck Bass.) In the reboot, the teachers have major character roles. They have inappropriate relationships with students and mix up with their lives, which completely ruins the plot made from the original show. Also, it doesn’t feel the same without the old Blackberry phones that were the core of the 2000s.
The original show feels to be more unique, classy, and rather even more surprising than the reboot could ever be, no matter how many times they hear “Gossip Girl” say the famous “XOXO.”