International Center Will Hold Resume Writing Workshop Feb. 24

Tom Hill, Staff Writer

People who come from foreign countries are tasked with learning a new language, along with cultural material from scratch. The learning process is back at square one, even as the basic concepts, such as proper grammar and writing are not fleshed out. Some people don’t receive the tools to further their careers and futures.
The International Education Center is organizing a Students Resume Writing and Interviewing American Style session. This will be held from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Thursday, Feb 24, in MAN 108. The event is sponsored by the Career, Leadership, and Transfer Pathways and International Educational Center.
With the change in customs throughout each country, the school plans on holding this event to aid students in challenges. Contrary to schoolwork, resumes follow a different set of guidelines. People are often asked to keep their writing short or bulleted. The employer is often searching for what’s easy to read. These requirements and little intricacies also tend to stump those who are not immigrants.
“We have over 100 national students at Brookdale, and this session is designed especially for them. This session is supposed to teach them about American standards of resume writing, what they can expect during job interviews, as well as a process of applying for a job on campus, and getting a Social Security number,” said Lucyna Wadych-Ketley, assistant director of the International Education Center.
“Different countries have different resume standards,” Wadych-Ketley said. “Some require to use current photo, and other personal information that are absolutely not acceptable in the U.S. resume, such as age, gender, marital status, etc.”
Any student interested can contact the International Education Center via phone, email, or website for more information at: 732-224-2799 and [email protected]