SNA Gives Nursing Students A Place To Connect

Tom Hill, Staff Writer

Some student clubs appeal to a niche audience. The Student Nurses Association is geared toward students with interest in nursing. The club is a resource for nursing students to network and connect with other like-minded people.

Understanding that nursing can be complex and overwhelming, the club aims toward helping each individual succeed.

The club requires a $20 one-time payment that gets put toward activities, the acquiring of stethoscopes and other apparel, as well as the eventual “Pinning Ceremony” done during graduation.

“The SNA is only available to current nursing students here at Brookdale. Nursing students should join the SNA to keep up with nursing topics from visitors and hear from BSN schools that come to our meetings,” said Jess Corbett, club president.

“The SNA also stays involved in the community which can be helpful to some students. We are also available as a resource if need be for students who can use some extra help,” Corbett said. “The SNA is responsible for the pinning ceremony for nursing graduates each semester. Joining the SNA allows students to get the best graduation ceremony available.”

For more information on the Student Nurses Association, contact the club’s email [email protected] or advisers, Lisa Mannino, 732-224-2571, Christine Hogan, 732-224-1892, or Linda Servidio, 732-224-2649.

For general information regarding clubs and activities around Brookdale, call a student life and activities administrator at 732-224-2788.