Creative Writing: Intimacy

Ewurafua (Effi) Acquaah, Poet

Intimité, Intimidad, Intimacy
A longing of the soul
A yearning, often misunderstood and misinterpreted
There is no one definition for it.
No one can truly explain it
But its power and presence are undeniable.
A simple touch, a warm hug, a genuine smile
A heartfelt sacrifice like when He gave His only son to die
Even when he knew how unworthy I was.
It is a soft kiss, a word of encouragement
A shoulder to lean on, a hand to hold
A place to let it all out
A person to bare it all to without shame
Where the soul is completely naked but is okay
A pillar and safe haven
Where you know to find rest and solace always
It is where brokenness is healed and no mockery is made of scars.
It is who you show these scars and let touch them.
Intimité, Intimidad, Intimacy