What Changes Have You Noticed In Students Returning To In-Person Learning?

Christian Velazquez, Staff Writer

“It’s definitely a big change; I think I can speak for everyone else. I feel like planning and getting to class on time is quite a change from virtual, where you just pop open your computer. Now, you have to predict traffic. Personally, I learn better from being in person, seeing the teacher and asking questions. Maybe everyone might not get an A, but they are absorbing more information.”

Angelo Rizzica

A 20-year-old business administration major from Freehold

“It’s a lot better to be in person, able to get the actual visual idea of class. Not having to sit around with a bunch of distractions, like games and stuff.”

Michael Bivona

An 18-year-old computer science major from Howell

“A lot more people are to themselves too much. I think they were used to virtual learning where you don’t get to talk to anyone, so yeah, they’re just more reserved. They also participate more than they do in virtual, just ’cause it’s kind of awkward to ask questions in a virtual setting.”

Justin Entwistle

An 18-year-old undecided from West-Long-Branch

“Parking definitely, because you have to be here earlier than normal. Last year, it was totally different. Nobody was here; there’s a lot more people here for sure. You can also tell there’s a lot more people in classes. It’s practically the same just more people.”

Evan Zita

A 19-year-old business major from Freehold

“For starters, attention span. Tiredness because of the change from sitting in bed and being in your PJ’s and just having your computer propped up, and laying down getting all comfortable. Some people falling asleep and still having to be attentive for the 63-minute classes we had, just made it very hard for some people to keep up.”

Caitlin Hurly

An 18-year-old forensics science major from Howell