Want To Raise Your GPA? Join A Club


Chris Valentin, Staff Writer

Starting at a new school can be tough. It can be especially difficult at a community college where every student is commuting.
“It was really daunting to be social on campus. In class there aren’t many opportunities to make friends unless the teacher assigned group work,” said Vittoria Bucchieri, a 20-year-old Brookdale alumni.
Jason Porcaro, a 19-year-old business major, agreed. “I don’t really feel like there’s much opportunity to meet new people in my classes. I don’t want to interrupt when the professor is speaking, and once class is over, everyone is already out the door and on the way home.”
Students looking to socialize often turn to Brookdale’s non-academic activities. Rebecca Sayilik, a 20-year-old business major, recommends students “join a club or a sport or even take part in some of the events held on campus like movie night.”
“Brookdale has a wide variety of departments and activities that offer programming for students to get involved with outside of the classroom. One of those options would certainly be getting involved with Student Life & Activities!” said ErinMarie Tierny, Assistant Director of Student Life & Activities.
“We work collaboratively with the Student Life Board to offer a comprehensive schedule of events and programs throughout the year for students to participate in. SLA events can range from monthly bingo in the arena, to pumpkin carving in October, to guest lectures, comedians, virtual escape rooms and so much more,” Tierney said.
“Plus, getting involved at the college pays off,” she said. “Studies have shown that students who choose to get involved in college activities outside the classroom (whether through student life or other areas like athletics) tend to have higher GPAs and completion (or graduation) rates.”
Sayilik, who last year was an active member of The Innovation Network student club, said, “I really enjoyed going to The Innovation Network meetings, but sadly I had to stop because I could not keep up with it and my school work at the time.”
“We like to say there is something for everyone to join as we have nearly 45 clubs for students to choose from. Clubs range from academically aligned groups (like, for example, the Student Nurses Association) to recreational groups (like Adventure Bound, our outdoor sports club, as another example) and everything in-between,” Tierney said.
“I really got the courage to join The Innovation Network because of my friends that did it with me,” said Sarah Ayers, a 20-year-old Brookdale alumni. “If I didn’t have friends to attend the meetings with I don’t know if I ever would have signed up.”
“I really am considering attending one of these events after hearing how much fun it is and how many opportunities I would get to meet someone new,” said Vic Berrios, a 19-year-old undecided major. “I think these events would all be more appealing if they were more geared toward meeting new people rather than going with a group of friends. I am definitely more intimidated to go to these events by myself.”
However, Tierney pointed out that clubs are “a wonderful way to meet others who are interested in the same things, an easy way to make friends and a potential way to connect with professionals in whatever the club’s associated industry is.”
A list of clubs can be found on the Brookdale website, link below.

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