Do You Have Your Brookdale ID On You?


Jessica Lacalamito, Staff Photographer

Do you have your Brookdale ID on you? Do you have one and/or have you applied for one? Do you know you are required to have your ID when on campus?

“No, I have it at home. I have it I just don’t bring it to school. Yes, I do (know it is required)… I believe if you do not have your Brookdale ID, they might think something suspicious is happening if they stop and ask you for it, and you can’t come onto campus.”

Francesca Cherilus

A 21-year-old nursing major

“No, I do have an ID; I just don’t know where it is at the moment. But I did buy one, and I have one. I did know that (having it on you on campus is required).”

Taylor Papera

A 19-year-old communications major

“No, I have no idea how to do that. I didn’t (know it’s required).”

Sofia Hudek

A 18-year-old humanties music major


“No, I have a number, (but) I don’t have a physical ID. No, I didn’t know that (that it is required); I wasn’t told that. I have my driver’s license.”

Jonathan Vitelli

A 20-year-old math major

“Yeah, I do, I think someone told me that (it’s required), but I didn’t know the reason why.”

Hala Fadel

A 21-year-old communication media major



“Yeah, not on me, not at all.”

Cage Kaney

A 19-year-old theater major