Halloween Comes To An End


Tara Coffey, Movie Reviewer

The Boogeyman returns one last time to enact his final bloody massacre in the most recent installment of the Halloween franchise.

In 1963, Michael Myers made his debut as the infamous Boogeyman as he attacked his sister, at the age of 6, when she was babysitting him. Myers later escapes an insane asylum after fifteen years of imprisonment, and once again begins his rampage.

Michael ends up being the ultimate stalker and idea of fear as he targets babysitters from his hometown, where he meets and targets Laurie Strode. After several sequels, remakes, and new franchises, Michael Myers has been one of the most well-known horror villains of all time.

Most recently, in 2018, Myers made his return in a new remake of “Halloween,” which had three movies within the franchise. All three movies involve Michael Myers making his return to finish his goal of destroying Strode.

As a fan of the original movie, as well as the reboot in 2018, I felt optimistic about the ending to this new trilogy reboot. Unfortunately, I was left a little disappointed with the way this film turned out.

The story of “Halloween” mainly follows the story of Michael Myers. However, “Halloween Ends” seems to only focus on a new villain trying to take on the personality of Michael Myers. As a longtime fan, it is upsetting to see Michael Myers make small appearances throughout this film, and see someone else try to replace him as a “new Michael,” as said within the film.

After 40 years of building up this story, the ending is a little bit of a letdown and felt like the producers and directors rushed through the story just to finally come up with an ending to satisfy fans.

I still strongly suggest watching this movie, especially if you’re a fan of the franchise. Whether or not you are satisfied with the ending, it still gives closure to the series, and I think it is fair to say no one can truly kill the Boogeyman.