Virtual Event Aims To Energize Young Voters

Sara Hosbach, Staff Writer

Energizing Young Voters (EYV), an initiative of the League of Women Voters, strives to empower young voters in understanding the democratic process to bring about change.

The initiative offers educational programming to schools as well as EYV guest speakers. Through these efforts, students will become knowledgeable citizens.

Next Monday, Dec. 5, EYV is hosting a virtual gathering to share the first suite of lessons titled Fighting for the Vote. In this suite, experience the following lessons: Timeline of Suffrage, The Truth about Turnout, Vote by Design and Casting your Ballot/Voting Simulation.

Students, educators and community members are all welcomed to learn more about this module and tools offered through EYV. Teachers are encouraged to use these lessons in their lesson plans as they align with the New Jersey core content standards for middle and high schools.

Attending students will gain insight in voting and the democratic process, becoming advocates to share these resources and knowledge with peers and classmates.

To join the event taking place between 6 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., register here: