Students Urged To Speak Out; It’s Not Too Late


Chris Valentin, Staff Writer

Speak Out, an event held by the Student Life Board each semester, provides an opportunity for students to voice their opinions and concerns to the administration directly and publicly. This semester’s event was held in the Navesink rooms during college hour last Tuesday, Nov. 22, and was livestreamed on Instagram.

SLB President Dominic Sama acted as emcee or host for the event, reading questions and concerns previously sent to the SLB for the event and making sure students and administrators in attendance had a chance to weigh in on presented concerns or topics.

One complaint brought up was about teacher favoritism and their management of classes. If a student is experiencing this or any other issues with professors, they are encouraged to contact their professor directly. If that does not satisfy the student’s needs, they can reach out to the department head and if still unsatisfied, Brookdale President David Stout.

Another concern that was discussed is that students who transfer into the Rutgers at Brookdale program or other similar programs currently are unable participate in Brookdale clubs even though they are attending classes on campus. There is no solution to this issue at present. However, Stout stated that he is working on finding a solution.

Another concern raised about clubs was scheduling. It was noted that most clubs have conflicting schedules so students, and professors are forced into choosing between one or the other. The scheduling issue is currently still being worked on.

Students who were unable to attend and have an issue, concern or feedback can still have their voices heard by using the link below.