Miley Cyrus’ ‘Flowers’ Tribute To Ex-Lover Liam Hemsworth


Gianna Tricomi, Staff Writer

Miley Cyrus breaks the silence in her career after the release of her latest hit-single “Flowers”; a rumored tribute to her recently divorced husband, Liam Hemsworth.

The singer, song-writer had recently stepped down from the spotlight after her public divorce with on-again, off-again lover, Liam Hemsowrth in 2019.

“What really sucked about it wasn’t the fact that me and someone that I loved realized that we don’t love each other the way that we used to anymore. That’s OK, I can accept that. I can’t accept … just all those stories.” Miley said in her 2019 interview with Joe Rogan.

Since the public display of annoyance and the many requests for privacy, Miley took the time to heal herself, and fans are more than glad she did.

The internet is raving about her newest heart-break anthem, finding supposed Easter eggs within the lyrics and her currently trending music video. The 3-minute video not only had hidden messages in the production, but was released on Jan 13, Liam Hemworths birthday.

Not only did Cyrus release “Flowers” on her ex-lover’s birthday, but she wrote lyrics that held a strong resemblance to “When I was Your Man” by Bruno Mars – a song Liam once dedicated to Miley during their relationship.

Miley even went as far to reference the house fire they experienced shortly after their wedding; “We were good, we were gold / Kinda dream that can’t be sold / We were right ’til we weren’t / Built a home and watched it burn.”

In the opening scene of Miley’s video, she is wearing a gold dress with a playful updo; a very similar look to the one Liam Hemworth’s co-star Jennifer Lawrence wore to their premiere of “The Hunger Games.”

While it’s only been rumored that Hemsworth cheated on his wife with Lawrence, fans can’t help but wonder if the rumors are true now that Miley chose this dress for her video.

To top it off, Miley ended her music video with a reference to the viral video that broke the internet from fans reading “Can you behave for once?” off Liam’s lips when Miley was being playful on the red carpet. Her response was theatrical as she danced in a mansion wearing the same exact suit Liam wore in that video.

While this is all speculation, it’s hard to ignore the coincidence in detail. No matter the case, the release of “Flowers” is record-breaking for Miley Cyrus. For the first time since 2014, Miley Cyrus is No. 1 on Billboard’s Streaming Songs chart.