The Joy Of Working With The General Public


Joe McNally, Staff Writer

Even the craziest customers get treated nicely.  The customer is always right they said.  Well, that’s crazy talk.  Coming from a cashier for three years now, I find it outrageous how companies still follow that horrible old-fashioned motto.  The customer is almost never right in the retail world.

Some crazy customers will harass you for absolutely no reason, besides the fact that you are doing your job. They always want to be right, but the thing is: THEY’RE LUNATICS. If we are the workers, shouldn’t we always be right? Employees are the people who had to go through hours of training videos, not the random old lady trying to harass us over an expired coupon from 1998.

It’s crazy how people will refuse to treat you like a decent human being when you are behind a cash register. I’ve been treated like a dog all because I didn’t do a simple thing right in their minds. I’ve been called just about everything behind the cash register by everybody. Grandma Grace, Grandpa Joe, Doctor Robert, Uncle Albert, just name anybody off the top of your head, and I have been called something harsh by them.

I used to work at Walgreens, and this one time a lady came in to make a return. She tried to return this fan which was on clearance. Now, she bought this fan with $3, using her rewards. I politely told her that the money needed to go on a store credit card. She flipped out and demanded $3 in cash immediately. She was whining like a baby over that for 20 minutes. I was almost ready to pull out my wallet and hand her $3.

People need to go through this kind of stuff every day, simply for existing.  All I ask is that you are kind to cashiers and customer service. You never know what somebody is going through. Being behind a cash register shouldn’t have to mean days filled with insults.