And You Thought N.J. Didn’t Have Camels?

And You Thought N.J. Didnt Have Camels?

Joe McNally, Staff Writer

At approximately noon at my house a few months back, I went down to my basement and saw a giant spider. Well, I thought it was a spider. It was actually something called a camel cricket. These crickets are huge and they are terrifying to some people. I went close to it because I still thought it was a spider until it nearly jumped onto my face.
These camel crickets jump insanely high and it can also be tough to catch them. After doing some digging, I realized that these creatures are in the basement of many people. There are so many videos on YouTube of folks having this same problem as me.
One thing to know about camel crickets is that they squeeze into very tight spaces. That is the reason why they can get into your basement. Another thing is that they do fall for traps. Setting traps around the house or just calling the exterminator helps a lot.
My father gave a call to the exterminator, and they were more than glad to help. They set up many traps in the basement. The traps are lethal but it is for the better because the crickets can lay eggs and soon your basement or house will be filled with those crickets. They usually come around in the warmer months.
Right now, it’s winter, so there probably won’t be many of them around. During the spring they come out of nowhere and they will shock you. You will need to be prepared for them because they are truly a hassle to deal with. I would consider calling an exterminator before spring if you have a basement.