Is The Apocalypse Coming? No, It’s Just Super Bowl Sunday


Terri Coppola, Staff Writer

You’ll notice that leading up to Sunday, tortilla chips and the biggest jars of salsa will be flying off the shelves.

Beer at your local liquor store will become scarce.

It may seem that people are stocking up for the apocalypse, but that’s not the case. It’s only Super Bowl Sunday; there’s no need to panic!

To prepare, get those names in as many pools as possible and don’t forget the new TV; Walmart’s probably having a sale!

The Super Bowl is something that any football fan waits for with great anticipation. Who’s going to play? Where are they going to play? There are many things that go into this single day of the year.

Those who don’t follow the NFL may have some questions when it comes to the annual game. Not everyone enjoys the day the same way. Some people may even have special traditions for this oh-so-special day.

What is it that makes this day so exciting for the folks of Brookdale?

“I love getting my friends together and watching the game. It’s definitely a tradition we have now,” said Grant Boyd, a 19-year-old, undecided student from Marlboro. “Honestly, my team isn’t even in the Super Bowl.”

Many people have favorite NFL teams, but even when those teams don’t make it to the big game, they are likely to tune in to see who will be this year’s championship team. And then there are those, even at Brookdale, whose football heroes will be on the field Sunday as the Kansas City Chiefs take on the Philadelphia Eagles.

Fans typically go all out to support their favorite teams. From wearing their favorite player’s jersey to getting a tattoo, many go to extremes to represent their teams.

“My dad has a Chiefs tattoo right on his bicep,” said Paige Thomas, a 19-year-old English major from Colts Neck. “My mom absolutely hates it, but my dad wears it proudly, especially this season.”

“The Eagles are going to win, I know it,” Charlie Hayes, a 22-year-old, creative writing major from Hazlet said. “I’ve been an Eagles fan my entire life. I can’t wait to see them win.”