‘Cringe-Worthy’ Comments Makes ‘You People’ A Not-For-Everyone Netflix Romp

Cringe-Worthy Comments Makes You People A Not-For-Everyone Netflix Romp

Terri Coppola, Staff Writer

Netflix’s “You People” is not for the “woke” population of the world. This film, released on Jan. 27, stars Lauren London as Amria in the film and Jonah Hill playing Ezra. The film is available exclusively through Netflix and is rated R.

The film takes place in 2022 and it shows. Right off the bat, we’re introduced to Ezra and Mo, played by Sam Jay, hosting their joint podcast.The topic at hand; the kind of cigarettes Barack Obama smokes. Which incase you’re wondering, apparently he’s a Newport type of guy.

You People is not your typical love story. Although it does focus on what seems to be a typical heterosexual relationship, it has its quirks for sure. Unlike most rom-coms, “You People” also hones in on another aspect of a relationship; The parents.

The parents of two people in a relationship typically are overlooked in film. However, this film makes the parents out to be the main focal point. Of course, anyone is going to want their parents to like who they’re dating. However, there are parents out there who are definitely hard to impress

So how do parents react when their black Muslim daughter starts dating a white Jewish guy? Well, for Amira it’s not the reaction most would hope for. As a matter of fact, for both parties, it doesn’t seem to be what they hoped for.

In the time the movie takes place, people definitely take pride in being ‘woke.’ Being woke means you’re conscious of racial discrimination in society, along with any other forms of oppression. And for both sides of this relationship, the parents seem to be a little too woke.

There are limits to what can and can’t be said and, although this is merely a work of fiction, it’s a little much. For someone who considers themselves woke, this movie may actually make you want to scream.

Everyone in this movie is guilty of not being woke. In a scene where Ezra is taking Amira’s parents out to dinner and says, “Mixed-race people are really awesome.”

In another scene, the parents are finally meeting. During an exchange between Amira’s dad, Akbar, and Ezra’s mom Shelley, she said, “… I think the Blacks and Jews have a similar struggle.”

Comments like this can get you ‘canceled’ immediately. Of course, it’s a work of fiction but, it’s hard to get through the entire movie, especially when 90 percent of the dialogue is filled with cringe-worthy mom comments.