Miley Special Is Poetic Reunion With Disney


Giulia Campora, Staff Writer

Miley Cyrus takes her fans on a raw and vulnerable journey in her Disney + special, “Endless Summer Vacation (Backyard Sessions).”

“I think ‘Endless Summer Vacation’ represents to me, my fearlessness when it comes to experimenting not just with my sound, but also with my identity and the way that I want to be seen.” Miley Cyrus stated, so fervently after performing “Jaded”, one of the 13 tracks of the album, that inspired her new Disney + special, “Miley Cyrus – Endless Summer Vacation (Backyard Sessions).” Cyrus’ eighth studio album, which dropped on March 10, has been self-described as a “kind of concoction of all the best of those sounds that I’ve tried out.”

The special continues with Cyrus’ performance of the fantasy-like track “Rose Colored Lenses,” a song that shows how blind people are at the beginning of a new relationship, which is commonly denominated as the classic honeymoon phase. “When I am writing a song, I try to be really descriptive in my lyrics and paint a picture of the moment in time when the song is stemmed from,” stated Cyrus as she describes the meaning of “Rose Colored Lenses.”

Furthermore, she points out that – quite jokingly – the specific lyric Sticky Sweet Lemonade, “you can kind of taste that.” Throughout, Cyrus describes hidden truths about the 13 new tracks.

Cyrus is known for being devoted to showing her most intimate self to the fanbase that has been supporting her for over a decade. “I can’t fake it, so I’m going to tell you the truth,” she admits as she sighs. “I might get emotional.” She adds as she starts speaking about the real meaning behind the track “Thousand Miles.” She reveals that the song was originally written for her close friend, whose little sister died because of suicide. She adds – trying to hold back her tears – that she couldn’t imagine living without her little sister in her life, as well. “It just makes me emotional because the song is filled with so much joy in the music.”

After her bubbly performance of “Thousand Miles,” Cyrus’ interview cues back in, as she starts singing some of the lyrics from the original version, trying not to get emotional once again in the process. “There was a friend of mine. Her name was Darlene, but all of us called her Becky. I don’t know why. I knew she was hurting. But I never thought I’d wake up to that call. Never at all. And I remember on that day I promised you the world. But soon realized the world ain’t what you need. Now all I want is simply for you to be a happy girl. Even if that’s a world without me.”

“The sequencing of an album is very important to me; I kind of think it like a film. You want there to be a conflict and an overcoming,” Cyrus begins as she starts speaking about her decision of dividing “Endless Summer Vacation” into two parts – the A.M. called “the act,” which represents “the morning time,” an “energy” and “potential of new possibilities,” and P.M., which represents the night time, where there is a feeling of “trouble that boils up to the surface” and a sense of “stinky, seediness, but glamorous” in LA’s nightlife.

The performance of her Hawaiian-like track “Island” fades away, as Cyrus starts explaining the meaning behind it. “For me, I’ve been able to create these paradises where I feel safe…But is it a paradise? Or is it a lonely island?” she asks, showing that this track was written based on the feeling of loneliness. This isn’t a mystery to Cyrus. Ever since she reached stardom by starring in Disney’s hit show “Hannah Montana,” her life in the spotlight highlighted this feeling. But it has also given her the chance to spend more time with her grandmother. That is what the track “Wonder Woman” is about. “When we started writing this song, the lyrics felt too big of a shoe for me to fill…My grandma and I were really close…She ran my fan club from my dressing room on “Hannah Montana,” so if you sent something and received an autograph, that was from her. When we stopped doing “Hannah Montana,” she ran the fan club out of her apartment. She’s always supported me. This song is about the generational strength and wisdom that my grandma gave to my mom, and it was embedded into my DNA. We all feel like one, one Wonder Woman.”

Artists always need to reinvent themselves to be able to create new songs because “boredom for an artist feels like torture,” Cyrus said. “It’s a way for me to stop taking myself and the success of my records so seriously and doing it for the reason I started writing music.”

After an outstanding performance of fan-favorite hit “The Climb” (originally released in 2009 for the Hannah Montana movie), Cyrus takes us on the journey of writing her latest single “River.” “It was a time in my life where I was going through a lot emotionally and personally.” She had a dance party with her friends, at the time, and had one rule to be able to enter the party, which was for her friends to bring their own “gay best friend.” “We were listening to Diana Ross, Whitney [Houston], Lindsay Lohan, Paris, Britney, you know – all the legends.” Cyrus self-describes this song as a “dancefloor banger” at which she adds a joke of it “really nasty” right afterward, laughing with the camera crew.

There is no doubt that “Flowers” is the most powerful song that Cyrus has ever written. It’s a pop yet powerhouse song that, masked by a catchy beat, can actually send a very important message. It’s about self-love, feminism and independence. These are topics that women need to hear more about today. She explains that in the first chorus, you hear uncertainty, but by the end of the song, the listener feels that Cyrus has shown her most confident self.

This isn’t the first time that Cyrus has showcased her music in such an intimate and personal way to her fanbase. She did that also with the promo for her seventh studio album “Plastic Hearts.” Being a Disney breakout star, it isn’t easy to take away that title from people’s opinions easily. But Cyrus was able to do the impossible in an effortless and classy way, delivering banger after banger each year, and confirming that her career will be going strong for even more decades. But for a moment, she was back as Hannah Montana, even for one song, and our souls were healed, thinking that this reunion of hers with Disney + can be seen as poetic, even, noticing how Cyrus has matured and evolved her sound throughout her triumphant career.