BCC students have lots of resources to prepare for next semester

Khristian Guidi, Staff Writer

As the weather changes right before our eyes and the holidays approach, there is nothing better this holiday season than the gift of the semester ending. 

As professors give us a wrap-up discussion, a final paper, the last exam, we are left to prepare for the semester that is next on our list that brings us that much closer to graduation. As priority registration had been emailed to those that have been given a date, followed by registration for everyone, classes are being filled up for the Spring 2020 semester as every day passes. 

But where do you begin?

For some, this may be your first college semester ending and the preparation for the next semester may be a scary and confusing time. For others, this may be as routine as getting dressed in the morning to go to class.  However, somewhere along the way, there still may be doubts and uncertainty as to how to fully prepare for the next semester. Of course, you want to take courses that you feel fit you best, but does it fit the credits that are needed for you major? What if you took a class and didn’t get that grade you first aimed for? What now? 

All these questions I personally have come to ask myself along my college career. At first, I didn’t think of who I should ask for help. I didn’t even think there was going to be anyone out there to help me, and I had to figure this all out of my own. I can remember my first semester at Brookdale made me feel so nervous and uneasy and not to sure of myself. 

Luckily, I had guidance without even knowing it. I participated in orientation. I went to online class orientation. I utilized academic advisors – even when I moved, I had the option to video chat with an academic advisor in order to figure out questions about my major. 

As my second semester of Brookdale came around, I began to feel more comfortable within my pursuit of my education and I realized there were even more people I could reach out to in order to prepare for a successful next semester. I ended up getting involved within the Career and Development office and was able to rattle off questions that I felt would benefit me in the present that would also help me in the long run after I graduated from school. 

Never feel like you are stuck by yourself in order to pick courses for the next semester. Granted I have been able to master the best way I can in order to do so, but I still feel the need to check in with an academic advisor to double check that I am on the right course within my major. 

I wish you all the best within your preparation for next semester, and I do hope you have the best of holidays and of course time off from school!