Is It Binge-Worthy?


Tatiana Mackel, Webmaster

Amazon brought out all the stars in more ways than one when it came to their new drama series “Hunters.” This series will have you seeing stars and I don’t just mean in Al Pacino and Logan Lerman.

Jonah Hildebaum (Lerman) witnesses the murder of his grandmother Ruth in their Brooklyn apartment. Ruth, a Holocaust survivor, is heard saying “You can’t hide” before she’s shot in her chest. In the first episode, appropriately named “In The Belly of the Whale,” 19-year-old Jonah is swallowed by his grandmother’s secret life as a Nazi hunter and joins in on the “hunt.”

Ruth, along with an old friend Meyer Offerman (Pacino) have put together a diverse group of vigilantes to hunt down, prosecute and execute Nazis living in hiding in the U.S. The group consists of Offerman, a rich businessman who helped Ruth found The Hunters and funds their trips and organizations; Roxy Jones (Tiffany Boone), a civil rights activist and a young mother with street smarts, fighting and weaponry skills to match; Sister Harriet (Kate Malvany), a nun and MI 6 agent with a very interesting back story; Lonny Flash (Josh Radnor) an out-of-work actor with an underserved ego; Joe Mizushima, a Vietnam veteran who suffers from PTSD and is a stickler for protocol; and Murray and Mindy Markowitz, a married couple who are weapons specialists and Holocaust survivors. They are later joined by FBI detective Mille Morris who finds herself investigating a string of murders with only the common factor being that they were all once Nazi scientists or high ranking soldiers who secretly entered the country. She helps the gang find out how they got in the country and what they are planning to do next.

The official trailer for this show comes from episode nine: “The Great Ol’ Nazi Barbeque.” Biff Simpson (Dylan Baker) is a high ranking government official in the United States and is hosting a barbecue when the wife of one of his employees, a Holocaust survivor, identifies him as a Nazi Colonel known as the “Butcher.” Simpson, unable to regain control of the situation, pulls out a gun and kills every person at the party including his family, living up to his moniker. To show the level of organization the Nazis in America had he calls a secret operator who sends a man out to help him stage an attack that leaves him the lone survivor.

I rate this series as binge-worthy. I found they took several liberties with the show and may have embellished some stories as pointed out by Lior Zaltzman in his article “What Hunters Gets Right – and Wrong – About Judaism.” Like the human chess story; it is debated to be nonfactual but it did add more meat to the story and could be seen as a euphemism for how the Jews were toyed with and tortured to death even when they followed the rules.

Even with the embellishments and some cultural mistakes, this was definitely a binge-worthy series. There were so many unexpected twists and turns and many scenes made you question: what is going on here? what am I not seeing? Realization does not dawn on you until the characters figure it out. The show will tug on your heartstrings, but it also contains fighting, explosions, and intrigue. There’s a little something for everyone in this series.