Brookdale Students Relax During Anti-Stress Week

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Last week, Brookdale’s Student Life Board held Anti-Stress Week, featuring a series of events dedicated to decompressing before final exams. Events were held Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with different activities each day.

On Tuesday, Dec. 11, the Student Life Center was alive with activities. As always, free food was a huge draw. Playa Bowls, or acai bowls, garnered a long line, while students also enjoyed desserts, popcorn, coffee and lemonade.

At one activity table, students learned how to make their own bath bombs, using a variety of different ingredients and scents.

An oxygen bar was stationed at another table. Students wore nasal cannulas in order to inhale scented oxygen in large doses. The oxygen was also scented; some scents included watermelon, jasmine and mint. Apparently, inhaling lots of oxygen can give boosts of energy and make studying easier.

Students were able to get free massages and had free access to massage chairs, too. The ever-popular therapy dogs were also brought in, bringing forth a large crowd.

On Wednesday, Dec. 12, Brookdale held a tailgate party complete with massage therapy in the recreation center or BREC.

On Thursday, Dec. 13, Brookdale’s Student Life Center and Bankier Library hosted more therapy dogs. More free massages were given in the Brookdale’s Student Life Center, along with a yoga session.

“I’ve never had playa bowls before, and I went to get some today. Now they’re going to have a lot of my business,” said Hanna Walker, a 19-year-old political science major.

“With finals coming in, it’s better for students to have time to relax,” said Eduardo Guerrero-González, a 19-year-old business administration major and Student Life Board member.

“We held this event sort of as a last hoorah. We have some things to calm and relax you, basically to destress,” said Becky Nastro, vice president of the board.