BCC Students Take A Variety Of Classes While Taking Short Trips Abroad


Sara Hosbach, Staff Writer

Research Writing and Creative Writing courses stepped away from the classroom over the summer and stepped foot on the streets of Paris from May 16 to May 26.
Walking on the same grounds as famous authors such as Hemmingway and Fitzgerald, the group of 12 students sought inspiration in art and architecture.
“I saw a lot of advertisements around the school for the trip. I didn’t really think anything at first about the education part. I just wanted to see a lot of the sites. When I saw there was a class involved, I decided to take creative writing,” said Olivia Wnorowski, a 19-year-old liberal arts student.
“I went on the trip because it’s been a while since I’ve traveled due to Covid, and I’ve always wanted to go to Europe,” said 19-year-old psychology major Clare Daley. “It was nice to travel with Brookdale especially after Covid and taking a class about another culture was a lot of fun.”
Students followed travel protocols in regard to Covid on the trip. Several students signed up for the trip not knowing the other passengers. The International Education Center hosted sessions for students to mingle and review material before the plane set off.
“The best part of the trip was creating friends and with them, memories that will last a lifetime,” said 19-year-old nursing major Janelle Hughes. “This trip impacted me by building my confidence that I could do things on my own, like going to a foreign country.”

While much of the trip was guided, students still had the opportunity to tour places of interest as long as they remained in a group and provided updates as needed.
“I really liked the Luxembourg Gardens and having the ability to walk around the city independently with my new friends,” said Hailey Hughes, a 21-year-old nursing major.
Hughes also enjoyed “rowboating at Versailles. We saw the train, and we were interested in what it was. We went on the train and next thing we know, we were at a lake!”
Aside from museums, students also strolled the Champs-Élysées, which is a famous shopping street full of designer brands.
“The entire city of Paris just felt so much more clean. The way people dressed there was so different from how people dress here. They take fashion much more seriously and put effort in how they present themselves,” Wnorowski said.
“Their style was like art!” Daley said.
Daley also would advise future travelers to “go outside the touristy areas because there is a lot more than like the Eiffel Tower. We went to a mountain that was somewhat similar to Central Park. Our professors had never even heard of it, and it was so neat to step away from the traditional tourist attractions and see life as a Parisian. It was there we saw more people talking French.”
Before the trip, students were informed about the possibility of culture shock. Culture shock can occur when a person experiences a culture which is different from one’s own.
“I was a little bit surprised at how many people still smoke so casually and out in public. There were vendors selling alcohol openly on the streets. The food was very fresh, and I liked the atmosphere around food because it is very prominent in Europe. They take their food very seriously, and it is normal to sit at a table for a couple of hours. I was not expecting Paris to be as nice as it was from hearing from others. I was so happy with how it actually was,” Daley said.
Brookdale students also ventured to Florence and Rome this past summer. “If you are interested in traveling, go for it!” Hailey Hughes said.
Summer 2023 brings more study abroad opportunities for Brookdale students. Between May 23 and June 1, travel south to Peru to learn about Issues in Women’s Studies or take an English special project course.
For those with an interest in or pursuing a major in Interior Design and Architecture, Brookdale will travel to Italy from June 2 to June 12.
London excites passions for psychology as the course travels across the Atlantic from June 15 to June 23.
“Definitely go and don’t wait for your friends, just go and you won’t regret it,” Janelle Hughes said.
“Do everything and anything you can do and see. Take opportunities when they arise. Don’t wait for things to come to you, you go to them,” Wnorowski said. “Don’t go in with any expectations, and go in with the thought that you’re going to have fun! If you go into it not knowing anyone, you have to branch out, and it gives you the opportunity to meet all types of people.”
For more information on trips and upcoming information sessions, please visit: https://www.brookdalecc.edu/international/study-abroad/faculty-led-short-term/