ARMY In Frenzy As Jung Kook Becomes Calvin Klein Ambassador

Giulia Campora, Staff Writer

On Saturday, March 25, a tweet from Calvin Klein containing this question, “What do you want to see?” sent ARMY in a spiral. The long-awaited announcement BTS fans had been expecting was released; well, just the teaser video.

It’s officially confirmed that BTS’ lead singer Jung Kook will become the male ambassador of Calvin Klein. Calvin Klein teased ARMY to “keep post notification open” yesterday and their comments have been since flooded with fans freaking out and congratulating Jung Kook on this fantastic achievement.

As fans already know, Blackpink’s lead singer Jennie has been the female ambassador for the international brand. Scrolling through the hashtag #JUNGKOOKXCALVINKLEIN, which is currently trending on Twitter since the video teaser has been posted this morning, there were interesting yet fun reactions from the ARMY fanbase.

Some of the tweets showed that the hashtag was trending worldwide at spot #4! There was even an analysis from an ARMY that showed the rise in Calvin Klein’s stocks after the announcement.

There is no doubt that this will launch Jung Kook’s career as a model. Jung Kook is the lead singer and dancer of the biggest group in the world, so the future seems wide open for this talented artist.