BRANDON CRUZ, Staff Writer

The Super Bowl LIV halftime performance from Shakira and Jennifer Lopez on Feb. 2 has been considered by many viewers to be the most fun and explosive halftime show in history.

The two veteran pop stars were joined by rapper Bad Bunny and singer J Balvin for part of the show. This marked the first all-Latin lineup in the event’s history and the first Latina headliner since Gloria Estefan in 1999. This was also the first all-female headliner since Destiny’s Child had done so in 2013.

A performance of such magnitude was deserved, as many fans felt that Maroon 5’s performance last year and Justin Timberlake’s the year before that had been lackluster.

Brookdale students shared their opinion of this year’s show:

“It was mad fun to watch, and usually I don’t even enjoy watching the halftime shows because of how boring they’ve been for the most part in the last few years,” said Abdullah Bhatti, an 18-year-old business finance major from Old Bridge.

“They definitely stepped their game up from last year, which I didn’t even watch all of that one. This’ll be hard to top for whoever next year’s artists are going to headline,” said Cameron Fernandez, an 18-year-old film major from Elizabeth.

“I definitely liked it, but my girlfriend didn’t appreciate how much I was enjoying the dancing so much,” said Vittorio Ansioso, an 18-year-old auto major from Old Bridge.

Shakira came out first, and covered all her hits, opening with “She Wolf” before going into “Empire”, transitioning into Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir” right after. Afterwards came “Wherever, Whenever,” which had proven to be the crowd favorite.

Shakira’s most memorable part of her performance was the zaghrouta, a tongue-flick also referred to in America as a “turkey call”, she had done for only two seconds in the middle of performing her greatest hit “Hips Don’t Lie.” Social media had quickly used the quick clipped in several different memes, with even NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal imitating it in an episode of Inside the NBA two days later.

This gesture was a nod to her Lebanese background, as a zaghrouta is a noise commonly used to express joy or celebration in Middle Eastern cultures.

Lopez’s part of the performance was just as exciting. Opening with “Jenny from the Block,” she brought together her biggest hits, including “Ain’t It Funny,” “Get Right,” “Waiting for Tonight,” “Booty” (with Bad Bunny), “Mi Gente” and “On the Floor” before Shakira joined her on stage.

Lopez’s daughter, Emme, joined her mom onstage to sing “Born in the USA” before the arrival of the children’s chorus.

Lopez and Shakira also made a subtle statement about the humanitarian crisis at the border when children were sitting in illuminated caged joined in to sing the chorus.

This year’s Super Bowl halftime was definitely memorable, and for more than just the dancing from the two headliners.