Alumni/Employee Will Address Finding One’s Community Thursday During Stigma-Free Event


Jeanette Falotico, Staff Writer

Proud Brookdale alumni Patrick Zavorskas will speak as part of the Stigma-Free Speaker Series 11:45 a.m. Thursday, Oct. 27, in MAS 100.

The Psychology and Human Services Club, which runs the series, has invited Zavorskas, who is not only a Brookdale alumni but also the Social Media Coordinator and Research Assistant for the newly created Caroline Huber Holistic Wellness Center at Brookdale.

Being rasied Catholic, Zavorskas often felt quite unsure of the consequences that would come with coming out as gay. The feeling of rejection and internalized fear caused underlying mental health and depression issues but also an opportunity to kickstart conversations around mental health.

During this “Real Talk,” Zavorskas will share his experiences with stigma and how self-care and finding the right community helped improve his mental health while traveling the path to the beauty, strength, and wisdom of his identity.

Participants may also register to attend via Zoom here.