…Or Not To Be

This newspaper, Brookdale’s student paper — The Current — serves no purpose.

The most recent issue of The Current garnered a mere 47 readers on Tuesday, April 18, the day it was published at bcccurrent.com, according to Professor Debbie Mura, the club’s adviser.

The Current is soon to be without an editor, as Phillip Cozzi, who presently serves as editor-in-chief is transferring to Rutgers. Should the remaining staffers search for a new editor or cease to operate?

With over 6,000 students attending Brookdale, the paper’s view count is astronomically low. The main reason for the lack of readers seems to simply be disinterest. Apparently, students don’t go out of their way to view the newspaper. Most get their news through social media apps, such as Instagram and Twitter.

Some might argue that The Current should continue to publish because it’s the student voice at Brookdale. While this is true, if few people actually read what is published, does it matter?

Throughout the year, the newspaper received an average of between 100 and 150 views on the day each issue was published and about 50 readers on days between issues. Is that enough to make the process meaningful?

While The Current provides its journalism majors and others a great opportunity to develop a portfolio, poor viewership means there isn’t much of a return for the amount of time its writers put in.

“Knowing that the website doesn’t reach many people is upsetting. It would feel more rewarding if more people saw everyone’s hard work,” said Current staffer Terri Coppola, who said each story takes on average three to three-and-a-half hours to produce.

When working on this editorial, the writers interviewed seven random students. None of them knew the paper existed. We do exist and we’re here to serve, but we depend on our readers faithfully coming to our website, spreading the word, sending us content and letting us know what you want to read.

Without a staff and readers, The Current could cease to exist, silencing an uncensored student voice. Is that what you want? Please leave your comments, suggestions and eager self-nomination to join the staff here.