How to Start your Dynasty With A Top 6 Pick

Patrick Coughlin, Staff Writer

Fantasy Football is a game played by many football fans, some with a casual interest and others, an extreme one. For those who are deeply enthralled with the game, who don’t want it to end once the NFL season is over, there’s another option, a dynasty fantasy football league.

Dynasty fantasy football is different from regular fantasy football because it doesn’t end once the season ends. You get to keep your team that you drafted in the first year and make trades during the offseason just like in real life. This is, of course, only for the most extreme of fantasy football fans.

Enough with the background, let’s get into why you’re here. If you are planning on starting a dynasty fantasy football league, you want to know who to draft to have the best shot at winning and creating a dynasty. Today, I will be talking about what the first round of a dynasty startup draft should look like. I will be walking you through who the first six picks, or the first half of your dynasty league’s draft.

On a sidenote, these will be with the superflex settings, which means that you are able to roster two quarterbacks in your starting lineup, not just one like a regular league. This leads to quarterbacks taking up most of the top 12 picks, and all of the top 6 picks because they are so valuable in these particular settings.

First overall, there is no debate on the first quarterback taken off the board. Patrick Mahomes is the pick, as he has proven time and time again that he is the best and most talented QB in the league. Coming off of a year where he finished as the QB1 in fantasy, and on top of that only being 27 years old, he is the easiest pick of the entire draft.

Second overall, you can choose between two players in the next tier. The two players up for debate are Josh Allen and Jalen Hurts. The two players have been electric in the past year and have proven that their point-scoring abilities for fantasy football are on another level. Allen and Hurts are supported by some of the best wide receivers in all of the NFL, including players such as Stefon Diggs and AJ Brown. It comes down to preference: Do you want a player who has finished as the QB1 before, with incredible arm strength as well as rushing ability at age 26? Or do you want the man who just took a step up the last season, taking his team to a Super Bowl at the age of 24? The choice is all yours to make, with both having such bright futures in the NFL.

At the fourth, fifth, and sixth pick, there are a tier of quarterbacks that are just outside of the top three options. These QBs all have one thing in common: They do not have as much rushing upside as the three taken ahead of them.

The players I am talking about are Joe Burrow, Justin Herbert and Trevor Lawrence. This is the order that they should go in the draft. Joe Burrow has shown that in terms of pure quarterbacking ability, he is right up there with Mahomes at times. He is an incredible player that has taken his team to a Super Bowl just a year before but fell short to a phenomenal Rams team. He is also attached to one of the best receivers in the league, Ja’Marr Chase.

Justin Herbert has shown that he has amazing arm talent and just needs a little bit of time to develop. Don’t overthink this pick, he has a very strong future in the league and will only get better as he is just 25 years old. The last player in this tier, Trevor Lawrence, has skyrocketed up dynasty rankings in the past couple of months, and for good reason.

Lawrence was once touted as the best QB talent in the nation coming out of high school, as well as his time in college. Last year, he had a horrific rookie season. This was due to his coaching staff, who set him up to fail. This year, he has proven that he is the same player that everyone thought he was before and shown that he can command a powerful offense, and most importantly for us, put up a lot of fantasy points. Lawrence is the youngest player in the top six at 23 years old. Grabbing him at the sixth pick is a great value for anyone.

There you have it, the essential tools to start up your dynasty fantasy football draft with a top six pick. There are a few changes you can make here and there about personal preference, but this is the player pool that you should be picking from if you have one of these picks. Enjoy the drafting and have fun.