Students Gather To Learn How Clubs Make A Difference


Jeanette Falotico, Staff Writer

“The student involvement fair was fun and successful. The fair allows former and new students to learn about the clubs such as the DREAMERS + club,” said Yaritza Ortega, a 24-year-old health science/nursing major and president of DREAMERS+ from Red Bank.
Representatives from the about 50 student clubs and organizations were on-site to explore and join.
“Last week’s Involvement Fair was a blast!” said @Brookdalecc via Instagram. Beyond fun, resume building and earning credits is a side benefit of joining a club.
“Community college club and activity opportunities are essential for students interested in creating a well-developed resume for job and career applications. In addition to professional development opportunities, community college clubs also provide students with personal, social, and community service venues, enhancing the overall collegiate experience,” said Grace Chen at
“The students stopping by the TIN table were intrigued by the aroma of a basket of fresh-cut herbs from TIN’s Monarch Waystation and Meditation Garden. When they learned they could participate in TIN, earn credits and work toward scholarships, there was a half an hour line of students waiting to learn more about The Innovation Network,” said Isabel Shaw, a journalism major and the vice president of The Innovation Network from Morganville.
“I like participating in the involvement fair because it reminds me of the importance of diversity in our community,” said Jean Guerdy Paul, a 23-year-old mechanical engineering major and president of the International Students Association from Ocean.
Club members “are sharing a common vision…creating new bonds and connections with lots of different types of people…and contributing to the community you’re part of, in a healthy manner,” said Paul.
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