Pumpkin-Carving Contest Ushers In Spooky Season

Pumpkin-Carving Contest Ushers In Spooky Season

Ewurafua (Effi) Acquaah, News Editor

Many students filled the Student Life Center Oct. 4 for the Pumpkin-Carving Contest and Pumpkin Painting event hosted by Student Life and Activities.
The program commenced at 11:45 a.m. with current Brookdale students registering to compete in the carving contest. There were 20 contestants in total.
“It’s a great way to get into the fall season and meet new students,” said Kaley Hamlon, a 19-year-old graphic design major from Lincroft. “My expectation is to carve pumpkins, to have fun doing it and to make friends.”

Participating students had about 90 minutes to carve pumpkin masterpieces. There was also the option for students to pick up pumpkins at the Student Life Center and paint them at home. Students who had registered for pumpkins to paint, picked up their pumpkins and painting materials during the event as well.

“Everyone seems to be having a really good time. Everyone’s getting into the spooky spirit. I’m even getting into the spooky spirit,” said Emma Cardillo, a 19-year-old liberal arts major from Manalapan. “There’s a lot of friendly competition going on now. If I am still a student at Brookdale, I would love to come back.”

“I have said it before and I will say it again, if I could be a student here at Brookdale forever, I would,” Cardillo said. “The classes are so fun. The Student Life Center takes care of everyone, and the events are so lively. It is so awesome to see everyone come in and have a good time.”
At 1:15 p.m. students had to display their finished carvings as the judges chose the pumpkin that will emerge as the winning pumpkin. All 20 contestants put their carving tools down to show their works. The winners received a prize from Student Life and Activities.
“My highlight is that it’s spooky season, and this is getting me really into the vibe. And I also get to see my friends and hangout with them between classes,” said Ashley Viera, a 20-year-old business administration major from Middletown.