B-8: Bingo! Join the Fun, Feb. 17


Henry Pack, Staff Writer

The Student Life Board has found a way for Brookdale students go out and be social during the pandemic. The SLB will hold a bingo night from 7 to 9 p.m. Feb. 17 in the Collins Arena.
Only students with a valid Brookdale ID will be allowed to attend. Once signed up, students will receive all the information they need for the event.
“Masks are mandatory, and students will go through temp checks before going in,” said Rose Adu, president of the Student Life Board and a 20-year-old paralegal studies major from Old Bridge. “There will also be tables spread out with only a few per table.”
“You definitely want to sign up quickly,” Adu said. “There will be 50 students allowed in the gym.”
“It was a difficult decision,” Adu said, discussing the choice to hold the event in person. “We wanted to make sure some activities are still happening. Keeping the students involved.”
The event will include free food for everyone, the opportunity to play bingo and the chance to win prizes.
“Bingo is a big event,” she said, noting that it will “keep the fun for the students during rough times.”
Students can sign up here https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=MdE5f0eySUiS9rlp2uSSB7j-NeRY5xZNrzjI9hzfMC9UQlZGVkYwMVQ3S0UxVlNISlZHSVJKVkRTRS4u