Meet Your Student Life Board President, Reach Out To Him With Questions


Dominic Sama, Staff Writer

For those who haven’t gotten to know me yet, my name is Dominic Sama. For the past year, I have been writing for Brookdale’s student newspaper, “The Current.” I’ve specifically written about events pertaining to sports and politics. I am also the newly installed president of the Brookdale Student Life Board. It is my absolute honor to serve and represent the student body as we embark on a new school year.
I am currently a sophomore here at Brookdale, majoring in political science and working toward earning my associate’s degree by May of 2022.
After graduating from Long Branch High School in 2020, I decided to join the Student Life Board once the 2020-21 year began in order to begin getting involved with helping out. I also wanted to learn how to organize events, participate in committee and general meetings, along with having the ability to express my own opinion on certain measures and ideas.
Knowing all the roles and constitutional duties of each executive board position, I decided that I would be able to best serve as president of the Student Life Board and was honored to be elected to the position this past April.
The torch was handed to me by former President Rose Adu, who welcomed me and others with open arms just one year ago. Adu was given the tough task to navigate through a raging COVID-19 pandemic at the time. Even through all of that, Adu and supervisors Lauren Brutsman and Erin Marie Tierney were able to organize a multitude of online events and even some in-person and socially distant games including Bingo and Think Fast. To be blunt, I knew that I would have big shoes to fill after taking up the helm as president last May, and I cannot thank Rose enough for everything that she has done.
The president of the Student Life Board is delegated several duties to carry out. This includes presiding over all general meetings, supervising the elections of executive officers, drafting regulations and/or documents, representing the student body at college meetings or forums–and if needed, become the tie-breaking vote in the event of an evenly split board vote on certain measures or proposals.
With this position, I will do my absolute best to help make your experience here at Brookdale worthwhile. One thing that would help us even more in this effort is if you may have any creative ideas, suggestions, comments, concerns, or even recommendations. If that’s the case, please don’t hesitate to reach out to either me directly through my email [email protected], or the entire SLB at [email protected].
If anyone would like to join the Student Life Board this year, whether you’re an incoming freshman, a rising sophomore like myself, or a transfer or visiting student, we welcome anyone and everyone who would like to participate in our discussions, forums, meetings, and functions. Again, please don’t hesitate to reach out and get involved!
I hope you all have had an enjoyable summer, and I wish you a fantastic start to the school year!