Looking For A Spring Break Trip Close To Home? Check Out Atlantic City


Joe McNally, Staff Writer

Atlantic City is always a pleasant destination for a weekend getaway trip.  There are plenty of casinos if you want to gamble, and tons of bars and clubs if you’re going to drink.  There are hidden gems and other fun activities for people who are not legal age to be able to drink or gamble.

It’s well-known that Atlantic City has a huge boardwalk that spans five miles and is 60 feet wide.  That boardwalk holds many shops and great entertainment for each passerby to choose from.  There are 18 holes of mini golf to play with your friends and family. It’s a great time if you’re looking for competition, or you can also just play for fun and see how you do!

Atlantic City has an reasonably priced aquarium, which is a good place to to walk around and have fun looking at ocean critters. It’s only $10 for adults to get in and free for children 3 years old and under.  The aquarium houses many exotic and beautiful creatures including stingrays, clownfish and many other rare aquatic animals.

When it comes to dining, Atlantic City has a ton of diversity. Carmine’s is a popular family-style Italian restaurant located at the Tropicana hotel. This higher-end restaurant is known for its many signature dishes with pasta, salads, seafood and chicken. It’s the place to go to if you have a big family as the servings are huge.

If you want cheaper options for dining, Hooters is the place. Hooters is also at the Tropicana hotel.  Most known for their wings, Hooters also offers burgers and seafood.  If you’re into sports, Hooters is a great place to eat because of the many TVs all tuned into sports broadcasting.

There’s so much to do in Atlantic City, that just one trip fails to capture all of its features. It’s a great spring break destination if you just want to get away but not be too far from home.