Writer Shares Experience Of Traveling Alone


Olivia Savino, Staff Writer

March 10, 2023: Spring Break

I never would have imagined that at 19 I would be flying on a plane all by myself.

When my boyfriend and I discussed our situation on being long distance I knew it meant I was bound to be flying by myself at one point, and that did not make me happy.

This fear that I would get lost in the airport and miss my plane consumed my mind, but it was something I was willing to do for my boyfriend since it is one of the only ways, I will get to see him.

It was an early morning that started before the sun could rise. The early flights are supposed to always be on time, so I figured the earlier the better. The drive from my house to the Newark International airport always makes my stomach turn and my palms sweaty.

I couldn’t help but feel that way since I will be in a large place all alone which is a bit terrifying for a young woman.

I gave my mother a hug and a kiss and embraced her tightly before I made my way in, and we said our I love you’s.

As soon as I walked through the airport doors, the anxiety and stress kicked in and what felt like a race to my gate began.

Security was the hardest part, and the heat of my winter jacket engulfed me, so I felt my body becoming very hot and irritable.

The TSA security guard told me I was chosen to be randomly patten down and I stood there stiff as ever as they patted me down.

Getting through security was like a breath of fresh air since the hard part was over.

I speed walked and read signs navigating me to where my gate was, and the smell of all the restaurants in the airport consumed the air.

I sat at the gate and waited until it was time to board and made sure I knew what group I was boarding in.

I observed all the people sitting in the area to see who will be on the plane with me and there was even a furry friend who joined.

Boarding the plane and finding the seat was quite easy, and I used all my strength to lug my luggage up into the overhead compartment before we took off.

I downloaded a show or movie to watch and opened the window shade on the plane window to watch as we elevated through the air.

The sunrise had many colors that are photo worthy, so I took my phone out and took a couple of shots.

The best part was landing and being able to stand after an hour and a half of flying.

The anxiety was not as bad as I exited the plane and stepped foot into John Glenn International Airport located in Columbus, Ohio.

I knew I had arrived in Ohio when I saw Ohio State merchandise all over the airport and everything said, “Go Buckeyes!”

I made my way to the baggage claim where my boyfriend was waiting for me, and we hugged, which feels like heaven when you have not seen the person you love in two months.

After the long travel, I hopped in his car happily and started fully enjoying my trip.

I look at flying differently now since it is simple, and I have gotten into a groove. Sometimes I still get nervous if I have not flown for a couple of months since things like security can be a bit intimidating.

The advice I would give to anyone who is travelling alone is just to be prepared and observant of your surroundings. Paying attention is very important especially when you are somewhere alone.

I would say don’t be nervous because sometimes I still get nervous but that is from my anxiety, so I guess just try to chill out and call someone on the phone once you get through security to calm your nerves.

Getting to the airport two hours before a flight is always good so you do not have to worry about rushing. Asking for help is also something you shouldn’t be afraid of doing because I do it every time I am in the airport and feel confused.