Juicy Couture and Forever 21 Team Up for Affordable Collection


Amy Gleason, Staff Writer

This month, Forever 21 released a collection in collaboration with Juicy Couture. This collection comes at a perfect time since fashion has recently been seeing the return of 2000s, or Y2K, trends. Additionally, the pieces in the collection are perfect for spring/summer. The collection is made up of 60 items including loungewear, accessories, and even swimwear. It includes standard sizing, plus-size items, and a few children’s items. It is very affordable, all under $40.

Overall, this collection is highly successful. It was a very smart choice on Forever 21’s part. Most of the pieces are fun pastels with classic Juicy Couture branding. The highlight of this drop is the loungewear. It includes matching sets, biker shorts, fun joggers, and sweatshirts embroidered or bedazzled with the Juicy logo that we all know and love.

While a lot of the pieces are what you would expect of a Forever 21 and Juicy Couture collab, they also stepped out of their comfort zone a bit. The collection includes swimwear which was very unexpected. The bikinis all follow the same cut and style of bikini. A triangle bikini top or side-tie bottoms would have suited the brand and design better. The monogram print does not feel as if it belongs with the rest of the collection, especially on the swimwear.

The accessories were another unexpected element of the drop, which worked well. Slippers, bucket hats, scrunchies, and hair clips were all a part of the collection. The bucket hats are perfect for the upcoming season and are nicely branded with the Juicy Couture logo. All of the accessories are Juicy-branded, although they are very versatile and can be styled with other items in the collection or unrelated pieces.

The color palette of this collection is extremely appealing and on-trend right now. Almost all the items in the collection are bright, pastel blue, yellow, pink, green or a fun tie dye mix. The baby pink background of the promotion photos is classic Juicy Couture and still fits the Forever 21 brand. All the models wear the clothes and colors well.

Where the collection was not as successful was with the simpler tees. The Juicy Couture Forever Los Angeles design is too simple and pales in comparison to other items in the collection. The mixing fonts and center alignment of the words makes them a bit boring especially when placed on a simple solid color tee. The monogram print was also unnecessary. It feels like Juicy Couture Is trying to be something that it is not.

The beauty of this collection is in the classic 2000’s Juicy Couture style. One of the best pieces in the collection is the terry cloth green romper with blue embroidering and, of course, the tracksuits that Juicy Couture is known for. The collection would have succeeded even more by including more variety of these classic pieces or including more items like the biker shorts that are a modern adaptation of the brand. It would have been better to release a smaller, stronger collection and do away with the simple, basic tees.

Overall, this is one of Forever 21’s best collaborations. This collection is fun, classic, and fashionable while still very casual. It is very versatile, and the brand has done a lot with only 60 items. This collection is very affordable, includes a wide range of sizes, and is perfect for anyone to wear this upcoming spring and summer.