What Do You Like Most About Coming To Brookdale? Why?

Effi Acquaah, Staff Writer

“I like meeting all the new people. It’s a lot different from like high school. It’s nice and a lot of people here are nicer.”

Maria Altiero

A 17-year-old digital animation major from Monroe Township

“Well, I really like the community, and I like everyone that tries getting people involved in all the activities that happen in Brookdale. It’s also really affordable, and sometimes, they give out free food, so it sounds pretty cool!”

Magnus Sanchez

A 20-year-old undecided major

“Diversity. I think it’s the shortest answer. You get to meet a lot of people no matter where they’re from. You know? A lot of conversation starters and stuff. I like the diversity because I myself am diverse, and I want to get more experiences.”

Alexandria Mock

A-21-year-old education major from Hazlet

“I think just being on a school campus because I grew up unschooled until I started coming here four years ago, so just being on campus with the other students instead of doing all my school work at home. I like the being outside of your home for school because I was homeschooled until college.”

Parlin Scott Gressitt

A-22-year-old theater and music major from Asbury Park

“It’s the people, you know? Everybody’s super nice here. You just came up to me just now, and you’re super nice. I think it’s just a good school, good teachers, never had any problems with anybody so that’s been probably the best part.”

Dan Kinnie
A-19-year-old criminal justice major from Freehold