Basketball Team Puts Up Highest Point Total

Anthony Corsaro, Staff Writer

On Feb. 2,  the Brookdale Jersey Blues defeated Bergen Community College by a score of 116-91. This score marks Brookdale’s highest point total of the season in a single game, and puts them at a first place record of 20-3.

The team was led by starting guard Nick Williams, who put up a season high 36 points. Williams shot 13-22 from the field, and shot 5-8 from the three-point range. Williams also helped the team in other ways during the game, including racking up a staggering 14 rebounds.

The team’s assist leader in this game was the other staring guard, Kevin Mateo, who tallied up 9 assists of his own. Mateo also shot 8-14 from the floor, and struggled slightly from three-point range shooting 1-5. Regardless of the percentage Mateo totaled 18 points and one assists shy of a double double, and his efforts helped lead the Jersey Blues to a win.

The team as a whole shot over 50 percent, going 46-84 all together. What put The jersey Blues over the edge in this matchup was the free-throws. The team shot a total of 22 free throws and made 16, tallying a percentage of 68.2 percent.

The Blues looks to continue their 7-game win streak on Thursday, Feb. 9 against Ocean County College. With only a few games left in the regular season, The Jersey Blues look to head into the playoffs hot and ready for any team they so happen to face.